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Your CA Traffic School - Traffic101

Traffic school doesn’t need to be a chore, and if you need a traffic school in California, Traffic101 can help you out. Our online courses allow you to avoid crowded classrooms and unsuitable schedules - you can meet your CA traffic school requirement online with Traffic101, all from the comfort of your own home, and in your own time.

Support for California's Specific Traffic School Requirements

We know the laws and we help you comply with them. California is a big state and there are lots of counties and jurisdictions. It can get very confusing to know if the court where your ticket is being handled will accept an online traffic school. Traffic101 works with all courts in California and can make it simple to complete your California traffic school requirement. You’ll find our website convenient and easy-to-use - yet it's also secure and confidential. Our course is licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and will satisfy your 8 hour traffic school requirement. Completing traffic school with Traffic101 could also help you avoid points being added to your driving record with the California DMV - points that could result in higher insurance rates.

Complete Your California Traffic School Fast!

Are you facing a deadline and need to complete your CA traffic school right away? No problem! Traffic101 can help you even if you're short on time. You don't have to go anywhere or do anything special. You can start now and complete your online CA traffic school in one session, or come back later to finish up. And, because it's entirely online, the results of your online traffic school course will be transmitted to your court electronically.*

Need to Complete Traffic School for a New Job?

Maybe you're about to start a new job, but your employer requires that you go through CA traffic school first. No problem -- Traffic101 can help out. Simply log on to our easy-to-use website and go through the California traffic school training. We will provide you with the proof required for your new employer that shows you've completed the required California traffic school course.

Looking for Reduced Insurance Rates?

Insurance companies sometimes offer discounts for their customers who have completed traffic school – so a CA traffic school course with Traffic101 can actually save you money! It's a great investment to make -- you'll learn about the rules of the road in California -- and it just might save you money on your car insurance! Completing online traffic school for California insurance with Traffic101 will provide you with the certificate of completion that the insurance companies require. Get started with Traffic101 now and you may qualify for lower premiums with your insurance provider!

Traffic101 can help you satisfy the CA traffic school requirements, regardless of why you need it -- employment, a traffic infraction, insurance, or just because you want a refresher. Enroll in the simplest and most convenient CA traffic school around: Traffic101!

* Please see our complete terms for details.

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