Texas Online Defensive Driving

Learn to be a Better Texas Driver

If you want to learn more about tips for safety and the rules of the road in Texas, Traffic101 is the ideal solution for a comprehensive online TX defensive driving course (DDC). With our straightforward website and easy-to-understand courses, Traffic101 can teach you driving safety according to the laws and requirements of the Great State of Texas.

Ticket Dismissal

Got a ticket? Need to learn how to be a better driver so you can avoid getting another one -- and so that you can get this one dismissed? Traffic101 teaches you everything you need to know about TX defensive driving. We cover all requirements with you. Once you successfully complete the Traffic101 online course, you may qualify to get your citation dismissed. Whether it was a seat belt infraction or other moving violation, if the Texas courts have given you the option to complete a defensive driving course, then Traffic101 is your answer.

Insurance Discount Class

Your insurance company would definitely like to know that you're a defensive driver. In fact, they may even offer you a discount on your car insurance premiums for completing a Texas defensive driving course. We can teach you about better driving in Texas, and when you successfully go through our online course, you will receive proof of completion which you can provide to your insurance company and possibly get reduced rates. Traffic101 can teach you about being a safer driver, and you might be able to save money at the same time.

The Benefits of Defensive Driving

With Traffic101, you can improve your own driving skills, and remind yourself of Texas laws, rules, and regulations, in a way that's easy to understand and easy to remember. Defensive driving can become more of a habit for you. Take the Traffic101 TX defensive driving class today and learn more about safe driving practices. A defensive driving class is a simple thing you can do to improve your skills and increase your knowledge in a way that just may make a difference the next time you're driving down the road.

The Smart Way to Go

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to take a defensive driving class -- whether it's to get a moving violation dismissed and avoid points on your driving record, or to get a reduced insurance premium with your auto insurance company, or whether you just want to be a safer driver when you're out on the road -- Traffic101 is an ideal solution. With Traffic101, you can easily, and affordably, complete your TX defensive driving course in the privacy and comfort of your own home -- with the computer you're using right now! Traffic101 makes TX defensive driving classes easy.

With courses and content approved by the Texas Education Agency, defensive driving training is easy and simple with Traffic101.

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