How Much?

What Makes a Cheap Online Traffic School?

What makes a cheap online traffic school course cheap? Is it the advertised price? Not when that price is spoiled by false advertising, hidden fees and poor service.

Other traffic schools will claim to have a cheap online traffic school, but take a closer look and you will see that the advertised price usually doesn’t apply to your court or state. Look even closer and you will probably find that the price only applies to one tiny court in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t that sound like false advertising? doesn’t use the kind of “bait and switch” gimmicks other traffic schools might use. We would never waste your time like that.

Or you might see that the advertised price actually does apply to your court, but don’t forget to look at the hidden fees. Those can really add up – and you end up paying the same or more for the other online traffic school than you would for the original course. Some online traffic schools charge for same day processing of your certificate, for regular shipping or for faxing. Other schools charge a lot more for FedEx delivery options. The course price includes these basic services at no extra charge and our FedEx delivery cost is the cheapest you’ll find. We also tell you exactly what is included in the course fee and never require you to pay for anything extra.

And while you might find another online traffic school that is a couple dollars cheaper than, understand that they have to really cut corners to be able to give you that price. For example, they probably don’t answer their phones during regular business hours, asking you to leave a message instead. But when will you get a call back? Later today or perhaps tomorrow? This can be a real problem when you need help NOW, and can’t speak to a live person. Or will they get your certificate to the court on time? Who knows? Is it worth trying to save a few bucks when your driving record is at stake? And the increase in your car insurance will definitely cancel out the few dollars you saved on the traffic school anyway.

At we don’t believe in using these kinds of deceptive or confusing gimmicks to try to get your business. In fact, we don’t even like to use the phrase “Cheap Traffic School Online.” We believe in giving you the best traffic school, the best service at the best possible price.

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